How to go from Bangkok to Pattaya

How to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya

Bangkok’s nonstop action can become exhausting and an escape to Thailand’s unspoiled coastline is a relaxing way to recharge your batteries. Situated on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is a beach lover’s haven that offers something for everyone. Lounge on its golden sands or partake in water sports during the day and wander its animated streets for exciting nightlife.

Just 91 miles from Bangkok, Pattaya is closest beach resort destination to the bustling capital. There are plenty of transport options for this straightforward trip and we’ll take a look at the quickest and most comfortable choices. Whether you choose to take a taxi, the bus or another form of transport, find the best way to reach Thailand’s coastal paradise.

Bangkok to Pattaya by bus2 h$5Book Online
Bangkok to Pattaya by minivan2 h$6Book Online
Bangkok to Pattaya by train3 h$1Book Online
Bangkok to Pattaya by taxi2 h$45Book Online
Bangkok to Pattaya by Airport Bus2 h$4Book Online

Bangkok to Pattaya by bus

Bangkok to Pattaya by Bus
Ekkamai bus station © Narin Nonthamand /

Time – 2-4 hours
Price – tickets start at $5 and cost upwards of $13
Comfort – 4/5

The bus is by far the most popular mode of transport when travelling from Bangkok to Pattaya. There is bus service from roughly 5am until 11pm every day and buses depart every 30-60 minutes. Plus, lots of bus terminals across Bangkok provide service to Pattaya and you can depart from the one most convenient to your location. This gives you much flexibility when deciding what time of the day you wish to depart for Pattaya.

Although you can buy your ticket at the bus terminal, it would be wise to purchase the ticket online to secure the best time of departure for you. Check ticket prices and schedules with the travel website to decide which bus route suites you best. The site has multiple providers to choose from, including Bell Travel Service, Tara Tour & Travel and Roong Reuang Coach.

Taking the bus is one of the most affordable ways to reach Pattaya with tickets starting at 160 baht. For extra comfort and a speedier arrival to Pattaya, expect to pay a little more. Second class buses are the cheaper option but are less comfortable and take up to four hours to reach Pattaya. You can enjoy a more relaxing ride on a first class bus that reaches Pattaya in around two hours, but tickets sometimes cost as much as 410 baht.

Bangkok to Pattaya by minivan

Bangkok to Pattaya by Minivan

Time – 2-2.5 hours
Price – prices range from $6-$10
Comfort – 3/5

Riding a minivan will get you to Pattaya quicker than the bus, but you’ll have to pay a little more for tickets. The journey usually takes around two hours but traffic could impact the total travel time. There is not much space in each van as drivers try to accommodate as many passengers as possible for the ride to Pattaya.

Vans typically carry between 9-14 people and there won’t be much space for luggage. If you bring multiple bags, then you may have difficulty placing them in the minivan. The driver will often ask where you need to get off in Pattaya and this can be convenient if you know your specific destination. Just keep in mind the driver might not speak English and it will come in handy to know a few basic words/phrases in Thai.

Although you can negotiate the ticket price with drivers at the terminal, it’s possible to book a minivan in advance with 12Go. There are multiple providers you can arrange a ride with, including 12Go Transport, Mama Travel & Tour, Pannipa Pattaya Tour and T-Tour. There are lots of minivans departing from Makkasan Station but check the booking platform to find the station most convenient for you. Prices start at 200 baht but are normally around 290-300 baht.

Bangkok to Pattaya by train

Bangkok to Pattaya by Train
Bangkok to Pattaya train interior © Amnat Phuthamrong & Sumeth anu /

Time – 3-4 hours
Price – ticket prices cost between 31-140 baht
Comfort – 4/5

If you’re an early bird, riding the train from Bangkok to Pattaya might be a suitable option for you. There are only two trains each day that will take you to Pattaya and both depart before 7am. The first train leaves at 6:45am and the second train leaves shortly afterwards at 6:55am. Both trains frequently get delayed and this should be considered if you have a strict timetable to meet.

Both trains leave from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong train station and you’ll need to add the transport cost of reaching the station. Tickets cannot be purchased online but you should face no issues buying them at the train station. Prices are grouped into the comfort level you desire while onboard. First class tickets cost 140 baht, second class costs 71 baht and third class costs 31 baht.

The service is slow and you’ll make lots of stops before reaching Pattaya. However, the train offers considerable value for those on a budget and in no rush to get there.

Bangkok to Pattaya by taxi

Bangkok to Pattaya by Taxi
Hua Hin Cars are available to book at 12Go.

Time – 2-2.5 hours
Price – prices range from $45-$105
Comfort – 5/5

Arranging taxi service is definitely the most comfortable way to reach Pattaya, but the cost will be significantly higher than other options. If you can swing the high price for the fare, then nothing beats having your own private driver to the popular seaside getaway. The ride will normally take around two hours but traffic can lengthen the duration of the trip.

There is a wide range of prices since there are lots of companies providing taxi service from Bangkok to Pattaya. has a variety of providers on their booking platform and the choices are endless. Expect to pay anywhere between 1,400-3,300 baht depending on the provider and type of vehicle you decide to book. Some of companies offering taxi service include BangkokTaxi24, Glassflower, Team Holiday, Hua Hin Cars, Kim Taxi Thailand and Phuket Ground Services.

You can book taxi service from Don Mueang Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport or from your hotel in Bangkok. It’s possible to negotiate the fare with the taxi driver yourself, but you need to know if the total cost includes highway tolls. This can lead to a higher bill if not taking tolls into account. To avoid this hassle, booking your taxi on 12Go is a simpler process to arrange your ride.

Bangkok to Pattaya by airport bus

Bangkok to Pattaya by Airport Bus
Bell Travel Service buses from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya can be booked on 12Go.

Time – about 2 hours
Price – 130 baht
Comfort – 5/5

If you decide to skip Bangkok altogether and go straight to Pattaya from the airport, there is another option just for you. The Suvarnabhumi Airport now offers a bus service that takes you straight to Pattaya right after landing in Bangkok.

Buses depart roughly once every hour and the trip to Pattaya takes around two hours. Tickets for the bus ride cost 130 baht and you’ll be dropped off at the Thappraya Bus Office or your hotel.

The online booking process is straightforward, but you can purchase your tickets at the counter service on level 1 at the airport. There is plenty of room on the bus for your luggage and you can enjoy a comfy nonstop ride to Pattaya.

After learning all the transport options from Bangkok to Pattaya, you’re ready for an enjoyable ride to one of Thailand’s finest beach towns.

Bangkok to Pattaya FAQ

What is the cheapest way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya?

The cheapest way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya is to take the train leaving from Hua Lamphong train station. If you purchase a third class ticket from the train station, it will only cost 31 baht. However, there are only two trains that go to Pattaya each day and they both leave before 7am.

What is the fastest way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya?

Booking a private taxi is the quickest way to reach Pattaya from Bangkok, but this is also the most expensive option. With good traffic, taxi drivers can often get you to your hotel in Pattaya in under two hours. You can arrange a taxi ride in advance by browsing through the providers on the booking platform.

How do I get from Bangkok to Pattaya?

Even though a private taxi is the fastest way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya, it’s not the most budget-friendly option. You can save money travelling by bus, train or minivan, and there are lots of pickup points available throughout Bangkok. There are many options for all budgets when booking your ticket online at

How much is a taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya?

Taking a taxi is the most comfortable way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya but this comes with a hefty price tag. Bangkok Taxi24, Team Holiday and Kim Taxi Thailand are just a handful of the companies offering taxi service from Bangkok to Pattaya, with prices starting as low as 1,400 baht, all the way up to 3,300 baht. If you book online through, you’ll find a wide variety of vehicles and with the option of airport pickup or at your hotel.

How much is the train from Bangkok to Pattaya?

Although the train is not the most popular mode of transport amongst tourists, it provides the best value for your money. The first class ticket is the most expensive at 140 baht, but second class only costs 71 baht and third class costs 31 baht. If you don’t mind waking up early, slow service and frequent delays, the train is the most cost-effective way to reach Pattaya.

How much is the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya?

The bus is the most popular way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya due to its affordability for budget travellers. You can find plenty of bus companies providing service to Pattaya by booking online at and you’ll find buses departing from many different terminals. Bell Travel Service, Tara Tour & Travel and Roong Reuang Coach are just three of the bus companies operating from Bangkok to Pattaya with tickets starting as low as 160 baht and costing upwards of 410 baht.

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