How to go from Eindhoven to Amsterdam

How to go from Eindhoven to Amsterdam

You’ll cross the heartlands of the western Netherlands on the way from Eindhoven to Amsterdam. The journey points more than 65 miles northwards, from the home of the great football club of PSV and the electronics giant of Philips to the UNESCO-tagged capital of the country.

It’s one that many travelers will make, especially with lots of budget airlines now jetting into Eindhoven Airport from all over Europe. It can also be a pleasure, because it’s all about training or driving through the tulip fields, the wetlands and dykes, and the and historic cities of Gelderland and Utrecht along the way. Happy travels…

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by airport bus1.75 h$25Book Online
Eindhoven to Amsterdam by normal bus1.5 h$11Book Online
Eindhoven to Amsterdam by train1.3 h$25Book Online
Eindhoven to Amsterdam by taxi1.5 h$130Book Online
Eindhoven to Amsterdam by car1.5 h$90

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by airport bus

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by airport bus
Catch AirExpressBus at Eindhoven Airport © Ivo Antonie de Rooij, W.Kulczycki /

Time – 1 h 45 min
Price – $25
Comfort – 4/5

If, like so many others, you’re checking out how to get to Amsterdam from Eindhoven because you’re planning on jetting into Eindhoven Airport on one of the countless low-cost flights that now arrive there from all over Europe, the dedicated airport shuttle is probably the top choice. It runs a fast, easy route from the terminals to the capital of the Netherlands every day of the week.

There’s just a single stop on the way, in the happening student town of Utrecht, while the journey takes a total of 1 hours and 45 minutes from start to finish. That means you can be stepping off the coach and onto the quaysides of Prins Hendrikkade street outside of Amsterdam Centraal train station the very same morning you land on the runways further south.

The bus terminal at Amsterdam Centraal
The bus terminal at Amsterdam Centraal

The AirExpressBus is a convenient way to go straight from the terminals of Eindhoven Airport to the bustling heart of Amsterdam.

Aptly named AirExpressBus operate the service. They match their departure schedules to the arrivals of popular flight connections. That means fewer routes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but far more over the weekend. The earliest bus tends to roll out of Eindhoven Airport at 9.30am, with the last going at 4pm.

Because there’s just a single operator, seats can go fast. So, we’d always recommend booking ahead for this one if you’re traveling in the high season of the summer or around Christmas. Expect to pay about $25 for a single to Amsterdam, or just short of $42 for a return. Also be sure to mark Platform D under the number one parking garage on the map – that’s where the buses leave from outside the airport terminals.

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by normal bus

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by normal bus
Flixbus has bus routes going all over Europe © Jarretera /

Time – 1 h 25 min
Price – $11+
Comfort – 3/5

Score early-bird tickets with a company like Flixbus and you could be traveling on the single cheapest mode of transport on this list. Taking just shy of 1.5 hours from start to finish, they are run in large, modern coaches with onboard toilets, in-seat plugs and WiFi. All that comes for an average price of just $11 when bought in advance using Not bad, eh?

The pickup is at JF Kennedylaan on the north side of Eindhoven’s centre, while the drop-off point is either at southern Amsterdam Bijlmer or at Sloterdijk, located just to the north-west of Amsterdam Centraal. The journey itself follows the main A2 motorway north through the Netherlands, passing the heart of the Low Countries as it goes. Some services even run without a single stop in between.

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by train

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by train
Eindhoven Centraal station © BYonkruud /

Time – 1 h 20 min
Price – $25+
Comfort – 4/5

The first step in getting the train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam is to get to the big Eindhoven Centraal station. That’s easy from the main city – it’s a short 10-minute walk past the al fresco coffee terraces and beer pubs from the main market square to the north. From the airport, you’ll need to hop on either bus number 401 or the 145. There’s usually a service going at least every 10 minutes, and the trip takes about 20 minutes in total.

Once you’re at the station, you’ll need to look for the normal inter-city train bound for Amsterdam Centraal. They leave several times each hour, starting at 6.32am and finishing just before midnight. Standard ticket prices start at just under $25 each, but you can be sure that costs will increase if you skip pre-booking and buy on the day. That’s why we’d recommend using as soon as you know your dates of travel.

Trains are a comfy way to travel from Eindhoven to Amsterdam, letting you enjoy quaint Hollander countryside between the two cities.

The ride itself might involve a change of trains at Utrecht, although a lot of the services head to Amsterdam directly. It can be a pretty ride, crossing the bucolic hinterlands of Gelderland and the marshy wetlands of North Brabant, then pushing through the wooded flower meadows of Utrecht province before hitting the outskirts of the big city itself.

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by Intercity train
Intercity double-decker train © S-F /

Trains are usually double-decker Dutch inter-city models that have around 7-9 carriages. There’s good air conditioning and lots of seating in both classes, along with broad windows for enjoying the backcountry roll on by. If the weather’s good, we’d recommend trying for one of the upstairs seats – the view is slightly better.

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by taxi

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by taxi
Dutch taxi cars in Amsterdam © DutchMen /

Time – 1.5 hours
Price – $130+
Comfort – 5/5

The main reason travelers consider booking a private taxi from Eindhoven to Amsterdam is if they’re going to be arriving at the city’s airport and want to get on the road to the coffee shops and canals right away. It’s a convenient option that means you’ll have a driver ready and waiting for you the moment you emerge from baggage claim. (There’s also no reason you can’t ask drivers to leave from Eindhoven town, for a pickup at your hotel or B&B.)

Booking a taxi in advance can simplify the whole trip, getting you from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam in as little as 90 minutes.

The other main pro with taxis is the comfort of the ride. They’re a more pleasant way to travel than packed buses, especially in the hot Dutch summertime. They also promise to complete the trip up north in less time – without unexpected traffic, the journey takes approximately 90 minutes, all the way to the centre of Amsterdam!

What’s not so great about taxis is the price. They usually come in as more than five times the cost of both buses and trains, and – during busy travel months like July and August – could even be far more than that. However, remember that taxis are quoted for the whole car, so you could save dosh by diving that up between everyone in your travel party.

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by car

Eindhoven to Amsterdam by car
Bridge over Lek river on Highway A2 between Eindhoven and Amsterdam © Aerovista Luchtfotografie /

Time – 1.5 hours
Price – $90+
Comfort – 5/5

One step up from a private transfer are four wheels to call your own! Cue, which can help you pre-book a hire vehicle in Eindhoven for the trip up to Amsterdam. The cost should actually be comparable with taxis, sitting around $90-100 total. That includes both the daily rate and the one-way travel fee, scene as you’ll be going from the far south of the Netherlands to the far north.

Talking of going from south to north…that’s where the real fun lies in this mode of transport. Without a set schedule or route, you’ll be free to stop wherever you want along the way. Think about dropping into the quirky and cool creative city of Utrecht for a coffee on the canal side, perhaps? Or, you could plan a detour along the wide Lek River. Or might you prefer to see the strange Loonse en Drunense dunes that spread out from the town of Tilburg? Of course, all that’s totally up to you.

Loads of travelers are now making the trip from Eindhoven to Amsterdam, thanks largely to the increase in budget flights landing at Eindhoven Airport. That’s why there are so many options for completing the A to B, no matter if you’re looking for budget-saving transport on buses or want to drive the whole way yourself.

Eindhoven to Amsterdam FAQ

What is the cheapest way to get from Eindhoven to Amsterdam?

Bus companies like Flixbus offer the most value on the Eindhoven-Amsterdam route. They have tickets that start at a wallet-friendly $11. Book yours online using to get the best bargains, and remember you’ll need to pay extra for the local bus or taxi to the pickup point if you’re coming into Eindhoven Airport.

What is the fastest way to get from Eindhoven to Amsterdam?

If you’re in a real hurry to get to The Dam from Eindhoven Airport, we’d recommend forking out for a private taxi or your own car hire. The whole drive from Eindhoven to Amsterdam can be completed in 90 minutes, provided there’s not too much traffic on the way into the capital. From the city of Eindhoven itself, the train might be quicker, clocking up journey times of just 1h20 mins.

How much is the train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam?

Tickets for the train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam start at about $25 per person. Those will be the advance-rate fares, which you’ll find by searching long before you touchdown in the Netherlands. For purchases on the day, expect to pay around double that, and more if you want to go in First Class.

How long is the train from Eindhoven to Amsterdam?

The train is scheduled to take just 1h20 on the rails to Amsterdam Centraal from Eindhoven. That will undoubtedly increase on the services that involve a stopover or a change in Utrecht. You can check all the trip times and schedules, and even book the cheapest tickets in advance, using

How much is a bus from Eindhoven to Amsterdam?

There is a bus for around $25 that can take you all the way to Amsterdam from Eindhoven Airport. However, it’s not the cheapest option, because companies like Flixbus do connections to the Dutch capital for as little as $11, leaving from JF Kennedylaan closer to the heart of the city.

How much is a taxi from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam?

Go in style to the coffee shops and pancake houses of The Dam by scoring a private taxi hire. If you book in advance, rates could be around just $130. That might sound like a lot but it’s the cost for the whole car, so per-person prices drop if you have travel buddies to share with.

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