Bangkok to Phuket by train

Traveller woman with bag at Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal, Bangkok

Having taken the train and bus journey from Bangkok to Phuket numerous times over the past few years, I wanted to provide an in-depth guide for other travelers considering this route in 2023. Time – 16+ hoursPrice – $20-50Comfort – 3/5 There are no direct train connections between Thailand’s two most popular destinations, Bangkok and … Read more

How to travel from Pattaya to Bangkok

Landscape panoramic Temple of the Dawn - Wat Arun, twilight time stunning sky in Bangkok city, Thailand.

Thousands of folks make the trip from Pattaya to Bangkok each year. It’s a route that links one of the biggest party resorts in the Land of Smiles with the sprawling capital. From Pattaya to the endless street-food bazaars, mystical Buddhist temples, and enthralling hipster neighborhoods, not to mention all the long-haul and short-haul flight … Read more

How to travel from Koh Phangan to Bangkok

Koh Phangan to Bangkok

When you’re done chilling on the sparkling beachfront of Haad Salad and hitting the bumping bucket bars of the Full Moon Party down in Haad Rin, it might just be time to bid farewell to the much-loved Koh Phangan. If you’re headed to Bangkok, then you’re in luck. There are many ways to swap the … Read more

How to travel from Surat Thani to Bangkok

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Samui

When you’re done basking on the sunbaked beaches of the Thai islands and tasting the coconut curries of the southern Land of Smiles. The trip from Surat Thani to Bangkok is a ticket back to the big city. It takes you 315 miles north from the side of the gulf to the beating metropolis at … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Krabi

How to Travel from Bangkok to Krabi

Bangkok to Krabi Train, Night Bus, Direct Flights Looking to escape the commotion of Bangkok and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and fresh beach air of Krabi? You’ve got options! The 800km journey can be done by plane, train, bus, or minibus, and prices vary depending on which option you choose. It will take you anywhere … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

How to go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Going from Bangkok to Chiang Mai means traveling right through the heart of the fabled Land of Smiles. You’ll leave the glimmering skyscrapers of the capital for a place of temple-capped hills, frenetic bazaars, and mystical shrines. But the journey’s also an adventure in itself, whizzing through rolling rice paddies and elephant-stalked forests. In total, … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Phuket

Bangkok to Phuket

This guide can help you trade the buzz and energy of the Thai capital for the glinting beaches of the country’s largest and most popular island. With info on the fastest, cheapest, and less-trodden ways to get from Bangkok to Phuket, it’s got the lowdown all travelers will need to go from pumping Khaosan Road … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Samui

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Samui

Oh, Koh Samui – just a mention of the name is enough to conjure images of sugar-white sands, stooping coconut palms, and reggae-bouncing beach bars by the sea. If, like thousands of others, you’re looking to trade the energy of Bangkok for this Thai paradise, be sure to read on. This guide runs through all … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Siem Reap

How to go from Bangkok to Siem Reap

If you’re traveling around Southeast Asia, at some point you’ll likely want to visit the major travel destinations of Bangkok, Thailand, and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Getting between the two, though, can be a bit challenging if you’re new to the region. You have a handful of options and each option offers its own benefits, depending … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang

Shh! Koh Chang is a secret. While the crowds flock to Samui and Phi Phi, this hidden Shangri-La on the eastern edge of the Thai Gulf has remained largely off the radar. There are some bamboo-built cottages and low-key resorts dotting its western shoreline, along with reggae bars and pebble-sand beaches shaded by lanky palm … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Samet

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Samet

Shaped like a corkscrew and sat out in the glistening waters of the Thai Gulf, Koh Samet is a stunning dose of powdery sand and turquoise sea. Because it’s one of the closest islands to Bangkok, it’s gradually become one of the more popular getaways for Thai locals living in the capital. Partiers and sun … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Kood

How to travel from Bangkok to Koh Kood

Sitting just off the coast of Trat, Koh Kood, otherwise known as Ko Kut, is a great alternative to the overcrowded islands you’ll find off Thailand’s southern peninsula. It’s part of the Koh Chang group, a cluster of islands that are frequented more by locals than tourists. For this reason, getting to Koh Kood from … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

How to travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Most travelers in Bangkok spend a handful of days in Thailand’s capital enjoying the city’s vibrant street life and bustling waterways before heading out of town in search of an entirely new adventure. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to leave Bangkok behind and head 50-miles north to Ayutthaya, the former capital … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Hua Hin

Bangkok to Hua Hin

While most visitors to Thailand make a beeline for the southern islands, they’re missing out on the idyllic resort towns on the mainland. Sitting around 145km south of Bangkok, you can be at Hua Hin within three hours of setting foot in The Land of Smiles. Transfers are relatively simple and hassle-free if you opt … Read more