How to go from Florence to Rome

Prepare for an overload of art and culture as you move from the famous Tuscan capital to the great Eternal City. This isn’t just a trip through the heartland of Italy; it’s a journey from the epicentre of the Renaissance to one of the ancient metropolises of Europe. You’ll trade visions of the carved and … Read more

How to go from Paris to Rome

Travel between two of the great romantic, artistic, and historical cities of Europe by making the hop from France’s captial to Italy’s. It’s a move that’ll see you trade a skyline dominated by the Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur with the seven hills of Rome, topped by the silhouette of St Peter’s Basilica and … Read more

How to go from Milan to Rome

Milan and Rome are the two largest metropolises of Italy. One is known for its fashion and finance, the other for its ancient heart and endless museum collections. Both should be part of any bucket-list adventure through The Boot of Europe. That said, nearly 600 kilometres separates them, with the craggy Apennine Mountains, the Tuscan … Read more

How to go from Rome to Venice

No Italian odyssey could possibly be complete without exploring both Rome and Venice. In the famed capital, you’ll wander under the soaring arches of the Colosseum and glimpse the babbling Trevi Fountain. Further north, the Grand Canal beckons as it snakes by the stunning dome of Saint Mark’s Basilica in a haze of gondolas and … Read more

Airbnb in Rome

Airbnb in Rome

Combining more than 2,500 years of history with mouthwatering Lazio cuisine, ancient temples raised by powerful emperors with some of the world’s most exquisite art collections, Rome is the enthralling Eternal City at the very heart of Italy. First-time visitors are often sent into a stupor by the whizzing Piaggio scooters and the babbling fountains, … Read more