Airbnb in Florida

Airbnb in Florida

Oh, Florida – a subtropical jewel at the very end of the US. Split between the gulf coast and the Atlantic Ocean, this appropriately named Sunshine State manages to pack in a whopping 2,200 kilometers of shoreline. That ranges from the endless golden strands of spring-breaker Daytona to the mangrove-fringed coral isles down south to … Read more

Airbnb in Lyon

Airbnb in Lyon

Draped over the hills around the confluence of the Rhone and Saone rivers, Lyon gazes east to the snow-capped French Alps with its proud historical monuments and edgy inner districts. Founded by the Romans and made rich by medieval bankers and traders, it’s one of the coolest spots in all of France. One moment you’ll … Read more

Airbnb in Austin

Airbnb in Austin

The Texan state capital is actually a bit of a surprise. It’s not big and brash like Dallas. It’s not the big-business hub of Houston. Instead, it’s a city with a hearty Lone Star vibe and a good connection to its humble beginnings. The metro population might be topping two million, but Austin feels a … Read more

How to go from Krakow to Auschwitz

Millions of travelers make the trip from Poland’s cultural capital of Krakow to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Auschwitz each year. They come to pay their respects and unravel the dark history of one of Europe’s most striking and sobering places: Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Between 1940 and 1945, it was one of the principle … Read more

How to go from Lisbon to Porto

To hop from Lisbon to Porto is to hop from Portugal’s vibrant capital to its culture-rich and bohemian second city. Both spots should definitely be on the itinerary of anyone looking to feel the true pulse of this wave-washed country at the end of Europe. First will come Lisbon’s hilltop Moorish castles and pumping nightlife … Read more

How to go from Copenhagen to Amsterdam

Copenhagen is the fairy-tale capital of Denmark, where cobbled alleys dusted with snow or blooming with flowers wiggle past bohemian cafés and medieval towers. Amsterdam is the first city of the Netherlands, with its barge-filled canals and enthralling Rijksmuseum collections brimming with paintings by the revered Old Masters. Both should be on any must-do list … Read more

How to go from Salzburg to Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a real fairy-tale town. Flanked by the green summits of the Salzkammergut, it’s a medley of gingerbread houses with steep gables and wood-carved balconies, all strung lazily along the edge of a mirror-like lake. Wanderlust stoked? Good. The trip in from the nearby city of Salzburg is easy to make. It’s just 50km … Read more

How to go from Edinburgh to London

If you’ve been enjoying the haggis, the medieval Old Town and the hearty whisky tasting rooms of the Scottish capital but have London’s fish and chips and iconic Big Ben tower lined up next, this guide is the one you’re after. It’s got info on all the ways you can trade one city for the … Read more

How to go from Milan to Rome

Milan and Rome are the two largest metropolises of Italy. One is known for its fashion and finance, the other for its ancient heart and endless museum collections. Both should be part of any bucket-list adventure through The Boot of Europe. That said, nearly 600 kilometres separates them, with the craggy Apennine Mountains, the Tuscan … Read more

How to go from Amsterdam to Paris

Amsterdam to Paris is a route followed by thousands of travelers every year. Backpackers, business folk, city hoppers – you name it, they’re on the hunt for ways to move from the 16th-century canal rings of flower-strewn Holland to the rich art collections and romantic wine bars of the French capital. If you’re among them, … Read more

How to go from Venice to Florence

Once you’re done with all those romantic gondola rides up the Grand Canal, selfies by the gold-leafed dome of Saint Mark’s Basilica, and tasty frutti di mare pastas, why not plot a course to Florence? It’s the obvious next step for art lovers and culture buffs traveling through Italy. A smidgen over 200km to the … Read more

How to go from Frankfurt to Berlin

You might not know it, but Frankfurt actually rivals Berlin in size. It’s the epicentre of a metro area that has a population of nearly six million. It’s also the country’s financial capital, and the home of its largest airport. That all means a trip from one to the other is a trip between two … Read more

How to go from Prague to Vienna

The 280-kilometre journey from Prague to Vienna will take you right through the heart of Central Europe. The pine forests of Bohemia turn into the undulating green hills of Moravia as you move south from the Gothic castle spires of the Czech capital. Soon, the eastern end of the iconic Alps will mark the horizon. … Read more

How to go from Madrid to Granada

Few sights in Spain are as stirring as the honey-hued spires of the Granada Alhambra rising before the snow-capped Sierra Nevada. It’s a place every lover of the Iberian Peninsula should see at least once, which is no doubt why the trip to this historic and wonderful city deep in the hills of Andalusia is … Read more