Top 10 Things to do in Vancouver

Surrounded by mountains and water, Vancouver is a beautiful city that’s consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the world. And it’s an amazing city to visit too! Vibrant and welcoming, Vancouver offers entertainment and nightlife, ample cultural experiences, great shopping, parks and beaches, and wonderful West Coast Cuisine. One of the best things about Vancouver is the ability to escape the city within minutes and be hiking in the mountains, enjoying breathtaking scenery and vistas. Want to know more? Read our top 10 things to do in Vancouver!

Top 10 Things to do in Madeira

Madeira’s warm Mediterranean climate makes this a great destination for beach holidays, yet this archipelago of four islands off the coast of Portugal is far from being just another beach destination. Full of breathtaking scenery, Madeira has amazing hiking opportunities across striking and sometimes rugged landscapes, or, if hiking is too much you can take a leisurely stroll through attractive gardens. Known for its numerous cable cars, no trip to Madeira is complete without taking at least one cable car ride, and it’s rich in culture too! Our top 10 things to do in Madeira gives you all the details of the islands’ best attractions.

Top 10 Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is a place where you find a new experience around every corner. It’s a fast and furious mix of style, culture and quirkiness. Gaze in admiration or take a step back in time walking along cobbled streets. Immerse yourself in pop culture, sit back and enjoy the delicious cuisine that’s on offer or get some serious retail therapy in one of its malls. There are a myriad of different things to do in Tokyo but if you’re still looking for inspiration we’ve put together a list of our top 10 Tokyo attractions.

Top 10 Things to do in Sicily

You’re never going to be short of things to do in Sicily. This incredibly beautiful island is filled with eye catching scenery and has a fascinating history. Spend time relaxing on the beach, admire the historic architecture or climb amidst volcanoes, and after a day of exploring, relish the tasty Sicilian cuisine. If you’re looking for ideas about what to do, here’s our list of the top ten Sicily attractions.

Top 10 Things to do in Rhodes

Visit the island of Rhodes for your vacation and you’re never going to be bored! Eat at a beachside restaurant, participate in some water sports or take in the vast history of this island paradise. There is never a shortage of things to do in Rhodes. You can take a stroll along the beach in the evening or wander among the architectural discoveries at the Acropolis of Lindos. It’s truly a place where all the modern traveler conveniences lie side by side with amazing history and culture around every corner.

Top 10 Things to do in Tenerife

Whether you’re vacationing as a family, and individual, with friends, or as a couple you’ll never get bored when you visit Tenerife. Whether it’s lying back and relaxing on the beach or spending time admiring the historic buildings, enjoying a round of golf, getting close to nature and watching whales in their natural environment; a visit to Tenerife is one that involves many adventures. For more ideas about what to do in Tenerife, read on for our list of the top 10 attractions on the island.

Top 10 Things to do in Lanzarote

The easternmost of Spain’s Canary Islands, Lanzarote boasts a wonderful climate with low rainfall and warm temperatures all year-round. Lanzarote is the perfect destination for a beach holiday, but a trip to this island also gives travelers the chance to see volcanos and other geologic attractions up close, to visit beautiful towns, and interesting museums, and to cruise around on the water. Lanzarote is now appealing to a broader market, including independent travelers, so if you’re wondering what to do in Lanzarote, whether visiting as a couple, as a family, or with friends, read on to discover our top 10 things to do.

Top 10 Things to do in Prague

A place for history, romance and even a bit of fun, Prague is filled with magical historic buildings and bridges that give the city a fairytale atmosphere. Castles, palaces, churches and cathedrals fill the city’s streets and squares but there’s always room for great restaurants and cafes, bars and nightlife too. If this sounds like your kind of city, read on for our top 10 things to do in Prague!

Top 10 Things to do in Menorca

Filled with gorgeous little bays of turquoise waters surrounded by pine-clad cliffs, Menorca is truly beautiful. The quieter alternative to its big brother, Majorca, Menorca, meaning the “smaller island”, attracts families and those looking for an escape from the typical nightlife and loud atmosphere that exists on some of Spain’s other islands. But this isn’t just a quiet beach destination, Menorca also has much to offer culture and history lovers too. We feature the best of this Balearic Island in our top 10 things to do in Menorca guide.

Top 10 Things to do in Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland, sees far more visitors each year than the number of people who reside in the capital city, yet they’re all welcomes with open arms. These visitors know that it’s an exciting, unusual and stylish place to visit, filled with hot springs, scenery, shopping and culture. If you still need convincing, here are the top 10 things to do in Reykjavik:

Top 10 Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be known for its casinos and resort-style mega hotels, but, as you’ll see from our list of the top 10 things to do in Las Vegas, there’s far more to this city than meets the eye! Known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, there is always something going on in Las Vegas, whatever the time of year, or the time of day or night, and it’s not just a place for adults either. Vegas has grown into quite the family-friendly destination with ample attractions that will appeal to visitors of all ages.

Top 10 Things to do in Punta Cana

You’re never going to have a problem finding things to do in Punta Cana. Aside from the miles of truly stunning beaches, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars where you can sit and watch the sun go down. For more action take to the water on a catamaran, enjoy the warmth as you swim or feel the breeze in your face as you zoom down a zip-line. If you want more inspiration for what to do in Punta Cana, here are our top 10 recommendations.

Top 10 Things to do in Munich

Beer halls, historic architecture, gardens, museums, palaces, cafes and nightclubs – in a nutshell this just about sums up all the great things you can see and do in Munich. The capital of Bavaria, Munich is a beautiful city surrounded by forests and flanked by the Bavarian Alps. Come for the world’s best Oktoberfest or just to admire its historic center. Here are our top 10 things to do in Munich.