Visit Rhodes, Greece

Travel to Rhodes

Travel to Rhodes, a cosmopolitan island with stunning beaches

The island of Rhodes is located south east of Athens, off the Anatolian coast of Turkey. It’s the largest of all of the Dodecanese islands and a hugely popular tourist destination, with its pristine beaches and historic sites. The island’s capital is the town of Rhodes which is home to ample beautiful architecture in its Old Town, which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Rhodes of today is an intoxicating mix between modern beach destination and a place for historic lovers. After all, there were humans in the area as far back as the Neolithic period. Many different races of people have arrived on the island since then, including Minoans, Telchines and Dorians. Over the years Rhodes has been invaded on several occasions; today the only invasion is by tourists, and it’s a peaceful one!

Hippocrates square in the historic Old Town of Rhodes Greece
Hippocrates square in the historic Old Town of Rhodes
There are many things to keep you occupied if you visit Rhodes, including a visit to its fascinating capital, Rhodes Town. Almost like visiting two separate towns, the Old Town is completely encapsulated within the newer town that has built up around it and it’s cut off from the outside world by a moat and double walls.

Take a walk within the Old Town and you’re transported back in time. You can see examples of architecture that is influenced by classical styles, medieval times, and the Ottoman and Italian eras. It’s a truly magical mix. If you’re in search of a little romance then there’s nothing quite like a stroll along the cobbled streets as the sun sets and night begins to fall.

Away from the Old Town, Rhodes town is a place which has everything you could want as a traveler, including upmarket stores, high end restaurants, buzzing bars and friendly bistros. There is quite a contrast between old and new which makes Rhodes town such an interesting place to visit.

Path down to the beach St Pauls Bay at Lindos in Rhodes
Path down to St. Paul's Bay at Lindos in Rhodes
The island of Rhodes is not all about its capital of course. There is plenty to see from one end of the island to the other when you visit Rhodes. The beaches are one of its most famous assets; from quieter stretches of sand such as Pefkos Beach, to the romantic St Paul’s Bay and the busier beach areas around Lindos. Even if you’re coming here for the history, you should spend at least some of your time at one of these beautiful beaches. Then you can explore the rest of the island, including ancient ruins, historic places of worship and a myriad of bars and restaurants where you can seek refreshment after a busy day of sightseeing.

Busiest during summer, its peak season, Rhodes has a Mediterranean climate so you can make the most of its mild weather throughout the year. The coolest month is January when the average high is 15C (59F), though January is also the wettest month. By April the rainfall has really tapered out and the temperatures are rising, and by July and August you can expect average daily highs of around 30C (87F), perfect for lounging on the beach!