Visit Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Travel to Johor Bahru

Travel to Johor Bahru, an exciting city with a rich natural heritage

Fondly known as JB, Johor Bahru is a Malaysian city and the capital of the state of Johor. It’s the second largest city in the country and although it was known as a dirty and uninviting place for many years it’s cleaned up its act and has recently grown into a thriving tourist destination. Today you can visit Johor Bahru and enjoy its many retail and dining opportunities as well as an assortment of historic sites to see.

The area of Johor Bahru was originally founded in 1855, although it didn’t get its current name until seven years later and at that time it was administered from Singapore. Over the years the area became a hub for agriculture. Johor Bahru began to grow and modernize during the reign of Sultan Abu Bakar, when more schools were built as well as places of worship and rail links to Singapore. Although the area grew and became more important over the years, it didn’t achieve city status until 1994.

Yatch moored at Danga Bay Johor Bahru during amazing sunset
Yatch moored at Danga Bay Johor Bahru during amazing sunset
Today, Johor Bahru is at the center of the economy of Johor; much of the economy is influenced by the large number of people who visit the city from Singapore. The city’s port is one of the major seaports in Malaysia and Johor Bahru has grown rapidly into a desirable tourist destination for people visiting the country. There is no shortage of things to do and see if you visit Johor Bahru, including impressive shopping malls, family friendly theme parks and historic buildings.

Johor Bahru has emerged from a past when it was known principally as an industrial area, to become a center for the tourist industry. It does not have the pristine appearance of neighboring Singapore but it does have a fun and adventurous vibe that can be really intoxicating.

Bandar Dato Onn Mosque Building during sunset in Johor Bahru
The Bandar Dato Onn Mosque Building
When you visit Johor Bahru you’ll notice that the main city lies in the south of the wider metropolitan area. The center of the city contains several housing estates as well as a link to Singapore via a causeway. The north of the metropolitan area is the venue of much development and construction. To the west of the area is the main residential district and to the east is the port city of Pasir Gudang as well as many of the manufacturing districts.

Over the years, Johor Bahru has been missed by many people traveling around Malaysia but the rebranding that has taken place has massively increased its popularity. There is something for everyone in this Malaysian city, including museums, a heritage district, enticing cafes and LEGOLAND Malaysia. This is one part of Malaysia that has undergone an extreme makeover and if you visit Johor Bahru today, you can’t fail to have a good time.