How to go from Eindhoven to Amsterdam

You’ll cross the heartlands of the western Netherlands on the way from Eindhoven to Amsterdam. The journey points more than 105 kilometers northwards, from the home of the great football club of PSV and the electronics giant of Philips to the UNESCO-tagged capital of the country. It’s one that many travelers will make, especially with … Read more

How to go from Copenhagen to Amsterdam

Copenhagen is the fairy-tale capital of Denmark, where cobbled alleys dusted with snow or blooming with flowers wiggle past bohemian cafés and medieval towers. Amsterdam is the first city of the Netherlands, with its barge-filled canals and enthralling Rijksmuseum collections brimming with paintings by the revered Old Masters. Both should be on any must-do list … Read more

How to go from Rotterdam to Amsterdam

There’s a sort of Yin-Yang relationship between Rotterdam and Amsterdam. One’s industrial, cool, and proud of its urban design. One’s a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, with cosy cafes and artworks by the Old Masters. We’ll let you discover which is which, as you complete the easy 56-kilometre trip from city to city. It’s one … Read more

How to go from Amsterdam to Brussels

Swap stroopwafel for frites and mayo; trade Dam Square for the Grand Place; ditch Van Gogh for the Manneken Pis – that’s what the trip from Amsterdam to Brussels is all about. It covers a little over 205 kilometres when going by road, cutting through the flower fields and windmill-dotted lowlands of the Netherlands before … Read more

How to go from Amsterdam to Paris

Amsterdam to Paris is a route followed by thousands of travelers every year. Backpackers, business folk, city hoppers – you name it, they’re on the hunt for ways to move from the 16th-century canal rings of flower-strewn Holland to the rich art collections and romantic wine bars of the French capital. If you’re among them, … Read more

How to go from Amsterdam to London

Only 360 kilometres separates Amsterdam and London in a straight line. But, check the map, and you’ll find that a dash of the North Sea and the whole Thames Estuary also comes between the two. That means simply hopping in the car and going from A to B isn’t possible. However, you can switch 16th-century … Read more

How to go from Amsterdam to Berlin

Whether you’re a backpacker on a bucket-list-busting Interrail trip or a Dutch business traveler looking to hit the boardrooms of Germany’s economic powerhouse, the jaunt from Amsterdam to Berlin is one that could well be on your radar. The two cities might be in neighbouring countries, but they’re still separated by 580 kilometres of Lower … Read more

How to go from Amsterdam to Prague

With Dam Square and the Vondelpark checked off the list, you’re probably looking for the next awesome European capital to explore. There’s a chance it awaits over 710km away, across on the eastern fringes of Central Europe. That’s where Prague sits straddling the Vltava River, spiked with the mighty turrets of Prague Castle (one of … Read more

Airbnb in Amsterdam

Airbnb in Amsterdam

Free-living and downright fun, but also brimming with Golden Age art and fantabulous Flemish architecture, Amsterdam is a corker of an urban break destination. Strolling the UNESCO-tagged canals, you just get the feeling that the Dutch really know how to live. They’re either munching on caramel-glazed stroopwafel or glugging a cold beer by the tram … Read more

Top 10 Things to do in Amsterdam

Whether you’re a culture lover or a history buff, or you’re looking for a destination with plenty of nightlife, Amsterdam has it all. From world renowned art museums to colorful markets, days spent cruising along the canals, and evenings in the bars or red light districts, there’s no shortage of Amsterdam attractions.

How to go from Amsterdam to Bruges

How to go from Amsterdam to Bruges

Looking for a little break from the buzz and hubbub of The Dam? Want to see one of Europe’s most celebrated medieval cities? Keen to get lost amid fairy-tale church spires and cobbled streets? The perfect place might just be over the border in Belgium: Bruges. This UNESCO World Heritage city is a photographer’s, history … Read more