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Its travelling season again and you have set your destination. A place you are looking forward to spend the next days of your summer in. However, travelling can sometimes get uncomfortable but how will you get to your paradise? Peñafrancia buses are here to provide the best travel experience making your paradise experience start from the moment you travel. Peñafrancia buses will bring you to any paradise you can think of as they travel to numerous destinations in the beautiful province of Bicol.

Peñafrancia bus line

Founded in 1989, It was named after the Bicol regions patron saint, Our Lady of Peñafrancia. Currently under Bicol Isarog Transport, the Peñafrancia Tours is one of the largest bus companies in the Bicol region. The Peñafrancia bus’ headquarters is located in Naga city but have twelve other automated booking terminals and ticketing offices in Metro Manila and Bicol. The company prides itself with trained and certified drivers, mechanics and technicians , to guarantee that they move travelers safely to and from their destination. The Peñafrancia Bus line caters to different markets by having different types of seatings; economy, deluxe and royal class seats.

Peñafrancia Bus Online Booking

The tickets of Peñafrancia Bus is usually on high demand so it is suggested that you book your trips in advance to both ensure that you get your prices cheaper and you get the preferred date you want for your travel. Use our tool to compare prices of bus companies and other transportations modes:

Peñafrancia Bus Classes

Penafrancia Bus has different bus classes in their fleet that allow you to pick which kind of bus class you want to avail depending on your budget. You’ll be spending a lot of time on this bus since the trip is about 400 km by land, so it is suggested that you pick the ride that suits you most.

  • Regular – Has 45 seats with a 2×2 seating configuration, meaning there are two seats on each side of the aisle.
  • Royale –  Has 40 seats with the same seating configuration as a regular but with added features. A comfort room and two flat-screen televisions.
  • Benz Royale Class –  Has 45 seats with a 2×2 seating configuration, has a 32-inch flat screen television, an audio system, and modern seats.
  • (Elite) Benz-Deluxe – Has 25 seats with a 2×1 seating configuration, features a comfort room, leather seats, and two flat screen televisions and an audio system.
  • Lazy Boy – Has 25-28 seats with a 2×1 seating configuration and has a comfort room and wifi available on board.
  • Comfort Deluxe – Has 25 seats with a 2×1 seating configuration. This one is identical to Benz- Deluxe.
  • Skybus Premier – Has 21 seats with a 2×1 seating configuration, has a comfort room, Stewards, two flat screen television, audio systems and Vega leather seats, and free Snacks on board.
  • Skybus w/o comfort room – Has 40 seats with a  2×2 seating configuration. Features a Steward, two flat screen television, audio systems, Vega leather seats, and free Snacks on board.
  • Skybus w/ comfort room – Has 36 seats the first thirteen seats have premium pricing and enjoy the side of the aisle for themselves, while the rest have a seat next to them, including the back row with 5 seats.

Peñafrancia Bus Travel Reviews

Penafrancia buses guarantee the best experience possible; thus making a good impression on many previous passengers and giving them reasons to love this bus from Bicol.  Passengers have said that they find comfort in traveling on the Penafrancia bus as it offers guaranteed safety along with the comfortable seats and cleanliness in the bus. The bus is absolutely comfortable to the point of being able to fall into a deep slumber without a problem. What furthered their delightful experience is the availability of a bathroom that was convenient for the usage of all passengers. Ultimately the overall comfortable atmosphere in Penafrancia buses can be owed to the friendly staff. Previous passengers have commended the pleasant members of the staff on board that topped off positive experience in the bus and made it possible.

In the operation of bus services, Penafrancia also guarantees a smooth experience for travelers. It has been praised by many for its reliability and convenience. Penafrancia buses have been known to arrive ahead of schedule if permitted by circumstances to ensure the prompt arrival of their passengers at all times.

Penafrancia always strives to offer the best services to its passengers, but unavoidable circumstances, are always bound to arise. During days when the weather is bad passengers have experienced a minimal delay in the arrival buses, but passengers have always extended their understanding and patience knowing that the reasons are unavoidable. A few isolated cases of unfriendly drivers have also been experienced by a few passengers, but that it is important to note that more pleasant experiences have been expressed by other passengers.

It is also worth mentioning that previous passengers would not recommend sitting in the last row as it is less comfortable than other positions; especially among those who experience motion sickness.

Peñafrancia Bus Most Famous Routes

Peñafrancia Bus Online Booking
Manila to LegazpiBook now
Manila to NagaBook now
Manila to (Calabanga) Camarines SurBook now
Manila to (Gubat) SorsogonBook now

Peñafrancia Bus FAQ

Passengers must check in at least 45 minutes before departure time. Non-appearance at least Thirty (30) minutes before departure may be forfeited and will be charged with 30% of the amount paid.

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Lost tickets will not be replaced or refunded.

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Tickets bought will be marked as an open ticket if the passenger decides to cancel their trip before departure. An open ticket is non-refundable but will be available for a month after original departure.

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Company IDs and Student IDs will be accepted as well as any Government Issued ID. Here’s a list of government-issued IDs that you may bring.

Passport,Driver’s License,SSS UMID Card,PhilHealth ID,TIN Card,Postal ID,Voter’s ID,PRC ID,Senior Citizen ID,OFW ID,NBI Clearance Police Clearance,Barangay Clearance,PSA Marriage Contract, NSO Birth Certificate, NSO Marriage Certificate, GSIS ID, IBP ID, OWWA ID,Diplomat ID, GOCC and Government Office ID.

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Each passenger is allowed to bring a hand carry weighing up to fifteen(15) kilograms. If you exceed fifteen kilograms, you will be charged for the exceeding amount. Large or bulky hand carry items that will obstruct the flow of a passenger/s during emergencies will be stored at the cargo compartment, and be charged a minimum fee.

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Senior Citizens, students, and PWDs have discounts, so if you want to avail a discount for this, you will have to do it over the counter as doing it online invalidates such privilege.

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The company follows a strict protocol on having no pets & animals allowed on board the bus.

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One paying traveler is permitted to carry only one child with a maximum height of 3ft. and below, if the child does not occupy a seat and upon payment of P50.00 ticket charge.

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Peñafrancia Bus Timetable

Peñafrancia Bus Contact Information

Peñafrancia Contact Mobile Number: (+63) 917-520-4895
Peñafrancia Contact Landline Number: (+2) 466-1471

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