My Boracay Guide – Online Booking, Travel Schedules and Reviews

My Boracay Guide – Online Booking, Travel Schedules and Reviews

My Boracay Guide is one of the most, if not the most trusted and well-established tour and transport operators in the country. They mainly cater to tourists that want to explore the wonderful island full of white sand beaches that is Boracay Island. They started operations in 2007 and grew to become the biggest travel and tour agency that operates in Boracay Island. Their offices are located in the second floor of the Regency Lagoon Building which is within the island. As of 2019, My Boracay Guide has served over 800,000 tourists and is considered as Boracay’s leading travel and tour company.

My Boracay Guide – Online Booking, Travel Schedules and Reviews

They are well-known for offering the most reliable transport services in Boracay Island, ranging from shuttle pickups, van pickups, boat transportation and even helicopter pickups from the airport to the hotel. They also offer tours and activities within and around the island of Boracay, which is perfect for travelers who did not have enough time to prepare their itinerary or just want the convenience of booking and paying with the same company to handle their trip.

Even with their varying prices, their quality of service does not differ per class. This ensures that everyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful, sunny beaches of Boracay Island will have a safe and comfortable trip no matter how simple or luxurious their mode of transportation will be.

My Boracay Guide Online Booking

My Boracay Guide is regularly high on demand due to the constantly large amount of tourists wanting to go to Boracay Island all year round. This amount skyrockets especially during the peak season of November to May, particularly the months of March and April as those are usually the hottest months of the year in the country, but it is not uncommon to see many people still around during May as it is the usual summer break period for students in the Philippines.

Therefore, it is suggested to book with My Boracay Guide during the off-peak season of July to October. For transportation, it is best to book using our handy tool to compare the prices of My Boracay Guide with other companies operating on the island of Boracay. Using our tool will allow you to easily view the prices for transportation in the destination you want and easily book them with zero hassle and without traveling to a booking or an external travel and tour agency. Access the tool here:

My Boracay Guide Classes

My Boracay Guide has a large variety of modes of transportation which differs from class to class. Each of the classes has different prices, different travel times, and varying freebies and other convenient products or features included. We recommend choosing the lower end of the services especially if you are not traveling with a group as these are not only cheap but perfect for solo tourists or travelers on a budget. However, if you have more to spend or in a large group, or simply are just looking to enjoy luxury transportation, you may choose from the higher end of the spectrum or classes that suit your needs and wants.

Unlike with other operators that cater to travelers on the island, all parts of the journey are organized already beforehand. Rest assured that no matter which class you choose, the professional logistics team of My Boracay Guide will ensure a safe and very comfortable journey all the way from the airport to your destination. Here are the different classes that My Boracay Guide has:

  • Budget Transfer – This class is the least expensive of all of the services of My Boracay Guide. It is perfect for solo travelers or very small groups as the vehicle that will be used for transport is a small shuttle with no fees included.
  • Standard Transfer – This class is the second least expensive out of the bunch, and is a very popular service for small groups. It includes all the fees needed for the trip and uses a slightly larger shuttle than the Budget Transfer class.
  • First Class Transfer – This class is perfect for medium size groups as it utilizes an air-conditioned van, specifically the Toyota Hiace. Choosing this class will grant you a welcome drink and an included payment for all fees needed for the trip.
  • Night Navigation Transfer – An air-conditioned van will be used to pick up clients from the airport then brought to a seaport. In here, the clients will be traveling at night to Boracay Island using a native style bangka boat. This is perfect for tourists looking to immerse in the experience and for those who will be arriving at Caticlan’s ports by afternoon or evening.
  • Private Taxi Transfer – This class is suggested for a slightly smaller group than one that would go for the First Class as this one utilizes a four-door sedan for traveling. It comes with the same amenities as the First Class including the welcome drink and the included fees.
  • Executive Speedboat Transfer – This class is the best way to get into Boracay by sea. It uses a luxurious speedboat perfect for those looking to get into the island in style. All fees are included in this class and is definitely the fastest way to travel to Boracay by sea. This is recommended for sumptuous people or those who just want to get to Boracay faster than most.
  • VIP Helicopter Transfer – Looking to get to paradise in the most awesome and fanciest way possible? Look no further than My Boracay Guide’s VIP Helicopter Transfer class. It uses a Robinson R-44 Helicopter to get you to Boracay Island in no time. It gives a view of the entire island from above before landing. This is perfect for those who are celebrating an occasion and want to have a grand entrance to the island of paradise; but of course, with a price.
  • Manila to Boracay Helicopter Transfer – If you’re tired of planes, ships, and other traditional ways of getting to Boracay, then this class is for you. The helicopter will pick you up directly from Manila and bring you to Boracay. This is perfect for those who want the best of the best and looking to get the best photos and memories possible for their trip to Boracay. This is the most expensive class out of all of My Boracay Guide’s services, but it is worth it in every way, especially up!

My Boracay Guide Reviews

Of course, My Boracay Guide’s different modes of transportation from shuttles and vans to boats and helicopters are well-maintained and kept up to date. This is one of the many qualities that got My Boracay Guide the many praises from over 800,000 customers that span over ten years. Of course, that is also one of the reasons why My Boracay Guide is the top travel and tour agency that operates in Boracay Island. They also keep a highly professional and trained staff to help from the booking process to the point of arrival to the destination. However, certain services of My Boracay Guide can be a little pricey for some, but this is the most convenient way to travel around Boracay without having to haggle with local tricycle drivers and shuttle services just to get a trip. So make sure that you include the travel prices when budgeting your expenses to and within Boracay Island. All of the trips are very fast and are more than comfortable for every customer. My Boracay Guide has an impeccable record of being on time when picking up clients from the ports. Their highly professional logistics team coordinates with each other to ensure a safe journey free from hassle. Just keep in mind that unpleasant weather conditions may unavoidably affect the trips and cause small delays or changes in the trip.

The professional staff of My Boracay Guide will carefully assist customers with their luggage especially with the more high-class options. Although, it is still recommended to make your own preparations before going on the trip as water may accidentally get in and make the luggage and its contents wet. It is best to prepare electronic devices for this scenario. It is also highly recommended to make sure that luggage is secure and closed when traveling to ensure that no bags or contents are left behind when getting off the vehicles.

Part of their services is also finding hotels for their customers, which is great for those who had problems with the hotels they were booking with, or simply wanted to find a hotel when they arrived at Boracay Island. All of these services are handled by their professional team who will guide you with anything regarding the island from touring to shopping. All of their packages come with a detailed guide map of the entire island, listing all of the possible activities and helpful places to go to. This can range from malls to restaurants and even convenience stores. Their maps are available in English, Chinese, and Korean, which makes this accessible for many tourists worldwide. If you are a tourist who does not speak these languages, you can easily ask their very helpful team to guide you through the wonderful island.

The experience with My Boracay Guide is definitely the best that one can get when enlisting a travel and tour agency to help with trips to and within Boracay Island. The friendly and accommodating staff will assist every customer to the fullest of their extent and beyond. This allows anybody to enjoy their vacation to the wonderful island of paradise in the Philippines without trouble or worries.

My Boracay Guide Popular Routes

My Boracay Guide is limited to travels related to Boracay Island. If you are looking to get into Boracay from different places like Caticlan, Kalibo, or even Manila, My Boracay Guide is the best place to choose from and book your transportation. The following routes are offered by My Boracay Guide:

My Boracay Guide Online Booking
Caticlan to BoracayBook now
Boracay to CaticlanBook now
Kalibo to BoracayBook now
Boracay to KaliboBook now

My Boracay Guide FAQ

This is information that will vary from customer to customer. Your schedule with My Boracay Guide will depend on your coordination with them as you may be arriving at the ports from different times than other people. Since the services are private, My Boracay Guide will adjust according to when you will be needing their services.

Keep in mind that different modes of transportation will have different times of arrival to Boracay Island.

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Yes! Along with the very convenient services to get around the island, My Boracay Guide also offers a list of fun-filled and exciting activities available on the island which are all accredited by the Department of Tourism.

Some of these activities include island hopping, cliff jumping, helmet diving, scuba diving, parasailing, off-road, all-terrain vehicle or ATV rides, mermaid lessons, spas, and many other activities.

Please bear in mind that some of the activities listed may or may not be available due to the recent rehabilitation of Boracay Island.

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hen arriving in Kalibo, you will be picked up from the Kalibo International Airport by My Boracay Guide’s shuttles or vans, depending on which mode of transportation you availed of and go from Kalibo to Caticlan.

You will then travel on the road to Caticlan Airport, which is inside the municipality of Malay, Aklan. To get from Caticlan Airport to Boracay, you will go to Caticlan Jetty Port which is where you will be ferried from the port to the main island of Boracay. This may be different for other classes, specifically the ones who will be arriving at the island through the use of a speedboat or a Robinson R-44 helicopter.

If traveling by speedboat, you will be picked up from Kalibo International Airport and brought to where the speedboat is docked before going to Boracay Island. If traveling by helicopter, you will be picked up by the helicopter from either Kalibo International Airport or straight from Manila through the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

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My Boracay Guide Timetable

My Boracay Guide Contact Information

Boracay Contact Number: (+63) 36-288-9999
Boracay Contact Number: (+63) 2-894-1993
Contact Email: [email protected]
Facebook: My Boracay Guide

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