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Montenegro Lines – Online Booking, Popular Routes and Reviews

A delightful vacation is what you need this summer after the hard work you have put into your duties. There are many beautiful places you can think of may it be on the beach with palm trees or a hike up and down mountains and hills. Your vacation awaits – it is time to run away and have some summer fun. Escape reality and reach your fantasy with Montenegro Shipping Line! A well rounded shipping service that can bring you anywhere. The Montenegro Shipping Lines has trustable experience as they have been operating since 1978 after being established by Vicente Montenegro, a pioneer in commercial and public transportation by sea

Montenegro Ferry El Nido to Coron

As passengers you can be confident in having a safe and efficient experience as the company also ships cargo and vessels. Have a fun summer escape with Montenegro Shipping Line, a trustworthy and reliable travel and shipping service!

Montenegro Lines Online Booking

The tickets to Montenegro Lines are usually in hard demand so it’s suggested that you book your ticket early in advance in order to both make sure you get a good price and that you can travel on your preferred day. Use our tool to compare prices of ferry companies and other transportations modes:

Montenegro Lines Vessels

Roll on/ Roll off – commonly known as RoRo, where you can bring your car and have it “roll on” so it could be transported from one port to another.

Fast- Crafts – a fast craft carrying up to 145 passengers on each crossing, has 120 cushioned seats, has onboard entertainment and a lavatory to make sure all passengers are comfortable.

Marina Ferries – The Montenegro ferry has a capacity of 90 for 2nd class passengers and 152 ordinary passengers.

Montenegro Lines Schedule and Popular Routes

Being a pioneer in transportation gives Montenegro Lines an edge, as they are bigger, have more experience and have a lot of routes available. The most common routes for Montenegro are:

Montenegro Lines Online Booking
El Nido to CoronBook now
Coron to El NidoBook now

Montenegro Lines Reviews

Montenegro Lines is one of the most famous sea transportation company in the Philippines, not only because it was one of the pioneers but also because of their performance. Montenegro Lines are known for having a very good crew. With more than 50 ships in their fleet, having well-trained staff is a must, otherwise, the business would not perform as well as it does. The helpful crew attracts travelers because of the comfort they provide their customers. They are kind and helpful to anyone in need.

Montenegro Line also has good ships, they are clean and well maintained but the fare is affordable, being sold for a reasonable price. It is fast and comfortable with exception of having some delays due to bad weather or technical difficulties.

Montenegro Lines take safety very seriously so they do not go on their trip unless they are sure that all their passengers will be safe, but because of this, delays are inevitable. Sometimes too there will be lone cases of an employee not behaving their best but is well corrected immediately by the management.

If you’re fine traveling by sea instead of air and are willing to have a longer travel time, then Montenegro lines provide a way to get from place to place. Securely, Quickly and Comfortably.

Montenegro Lines FAQ

Boarding starts one hour before the departure.

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There may be a port fee depending on what port you’re on and there may also be terminal fees for some places. So bring extra money just to be sure.

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Discounts apply to Senior Citizens, Students get 15% discount, Children from 3 – 7 years old get 50% discount while children under 3 years old are free of charge.

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It takes more or less 4 hours to travel from one point to another.

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The rates for vehicles on RoRo depend on your vehicle, lane meter and where your destination is. The rates depend on the type of cargo and how much space it consumes. Better contact them directly with the info below so they can give proper estimates.

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Montenegro Lines Contact Information

Batangas Mobile Number: (+63) 9085713984
El Nido Mobile Number: (+63) 9177059917
Coron Mobile Number: (+63) 9215431887

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