Top 10 Things to do in Chicago

The USA’s third largest city, Chicago is a vibrant metropolis filled with striking architecture, renowned museums, fabulous shopping, and a huge variety of other attractions. It’s actually one of the most visited cities in the USA, providing something for everyone. Set on the shore of Lake Michigan, in north-east Illinois, the Windy City even has beaches that are popular during its hot summer months, while winters are cold and snowy. Even so, Chicago is a city you can visit at any time of the year as there’s always something happening here!

Top 10 Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be known for its casinos and resort-style mega hotels, but, as you’ll see from our list of the top 10 things to do in Las Vegas, there’s far more to this city than meets the eye! Known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, there is always something going on in Las Vegas, whatever the time of year, or the time of day or night, and it’s not just a place for adults either. Vegas has grown into quite the family-friendly destination with ample attractions that will appeal to visitors of all ages.