How to go from Bangkok to Koh Kood

Sitting just off the coast of Trat, Koh Kood, otherwise known as Ko Kut, is a great alternative to the overcrowded islands you’ll find off Thailand’s southern peninsula. It’s part of the Koh Chang group, a cluster of islands that are frequented more by locals than tourists. For this reason, getting to Koh Kood from … Read more

How to go from Krabi to Koh Lipe

The trip from Krabi to Koh Lipe is a real odyssey. It takes you across more than 180 kilometres of the Andaman Sea, where deserted islands and jutting rocks tower over coral reefs and swathes of mangrove swamp. You’ll go from a bustling town where tuk-tuks and beach hotels gaze across the water all the … Read more

How to go from Surat Thani to Koh Tao

Prep the scuba gear, ready the snorkels, and dust down the bikini – Koh Tao awaits. One of the three most famous islands of the Chumphon Archipelago (a group that also includes Koh Phangan and Koh Samui), it’s known for the cotton-white isthmus beach at Ko Hang Tao, its fish-teeming dive sites, and inland hills … Read more

How to go from Phuket to Koh Phangan

The trip from Phuket to Koh Phangan is a trip from Thailand’s largest island to its biggest party destination. You’ll swap the pastel-painted cottages and chili-sizzling food markets of Phuket Town for sands that pump with spinning DJs until sunup over the Thai Gulf. In a straight line, the distance between the two spots is … Read more

How to go from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta

Home to more than 1,400 islands, deciding where to spend your time in southern Thailand can be slightly overwhelming. To make the most of your vacation, and reduce travel time in-between islands, you might choose to stick to either the east or west of Thailand’s peninsula. Floating in the Andaman Sea on the west, just … Read more

How to go from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai are the two main urban hubs of northern Thailand. They both huddle beneath rugged mountains, watched over by elephant-trodden rainforests and the gold-tipped stupas of Buddhist temples. But each still brings its own unique vibe and attractions. Chiang Mai is lively night bazaars and a UNESCO old quarter; Chiang Rai … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Samet

Shaped like a corkscrew and sat out in the glistening waters of the Thai Gulf, Koh Samet is a stunning dose of powdery sand and turquoise sea. Because it’s one of the closest islands to Bangkok, it’s gradually become one of the more popular getaways for Thai locals living in the capital. Partiers and sun … Read more

How to go from Ayutthaya to Lopburi

After escaping the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and finding yourself in the UNESCO World Heritage Site city of Ayutthaya, the great expanse of Thailand’s north awaits. Yet before you set your sights too far ahead, the little gem of Lopburi is only a short journey away. Similar in historical significance to Ayutthaya, Lopburi has … Read more

How to go from Phuket to Krabi

These two much-loved beach towns face each other on opposite ends of famous Phang Nga Bay. It’s hardly a wonder they are among the most popular destinations in Thailand. The whole region is speckled with islands where cotton-coloured beaches dash under lazy palm trees and dramatic mountains lurch from cerulean seas. To the east is … Read more

How to go from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi

Both Krabi and Koh Phi Phi are major stops on the regular route around the stunning region of the Thai Andaman. One’s a laid-back beach town, where hotels fringe yellow sands backed by cliffs. The other is a lively isle of bamboo bars and fire shows, fish-filled lagoons and forests of waxy palm trees. Every … Read more

How to go from Langkawi to Koh Lipe

There might be an international border and a whole dash of the Malacca Strait between them, but Langkawi and Koh Lipe are well-linked by ferries and boats. In fact, the Malaysian island is one of the best jump-off points for Thailand’s southern Tarutao National Marine Park of which Lipe is a part. You can cover … Read more

How to go from Krabi to Koh Samui

So, you’re looking to swap west coast for eastern islands? The jungle-topped karst peaks of the Andaman for the boulder-spotted white sands of the Thai Gulf? Look no further than this guide. It runs through all the main ways you can go from Krabi to Koh Samui. It’s a trip that’ll take you through more … Read more

How to go from Surat Thani to Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park is one of the most stunning parts of Thailand, and visitors from across the globe are attracted each year. With impressive limestone cliffs, lush rainforest, and the spectacular Cheow Lan Lake with its deep blue, crystal clear waters, there’s a lot to love. As well as relaxing in some of the … Read more

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Chang

Shh! Koh Chang is a secret. While the crowds flock to Samui and Phi Phi, this hidden Shangri-La on the eastern edge of the Thai Gulf has remained largely off the radar. There are some bamboo-built cottages and low-key resorts dotting its western shoreline, along with reggae bars and pebble-sand beaches shaded by lanky palm … Read more