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Greenbus is one of the most famous bus companies in Thailand and they make over 40’000 bus trips per year between 160 destinations. Their central hub is located in Chiang Mai and it’s also from there that most of their bus routes starts or ends.

Greenbus Online Booking

The Greenbus buses are all equipped with GPS trackers to keep the drivers monitored and making sure the schedule is being kept without breaking the speed limit. Though their buses are well maintained and spacious, they most of them still miss things that you might expect like toilets and WiFi.

If you prefer to save some money by taking the bus instead of flying then Greenbus is a good alternative. On most of the routes food, drinks, snacks, and cold towels are provided. If the trip is long there will also be stops along the way to stretch your legs and use the restroom.

Greenbus Online Booking

The tickets to Greenbus are usually in high demand so it’s suggested that you book your ticket early in advance in order to both make sure you get a good price and that you can travel on your preferred day. Use our tool to compare prices of bus companies and other transportations modes:

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Chiang Mai to Chiang RaiBook now
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Chiang Mai to NanBook now
Chiang Rai to Chiang MaiBook now
Mae Sot to Chiang MaiBook now

Greenbus Reviews

Greenbus has an excellent reputation among travelers evidenced by their 4.1 out of 5 rating from over 1800 verified passengers over at Travelfoot/12Go booking portal. Their departures and arrivals times are usually very reliable, but there has been reports of delays upwards of 1 hour without a reason given.

The quality of buses varies and on older buses you might find yourself with a seat without seatbelt or a broken recliner. The newer buses go on the most popular routes like the Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai route which means most travelers never experience the old type of buses in their fleet of vehicles.

Travelers most frequent complaints are about the routes not being direct travels, but with stops picking up and dropping off passengers along the way. The on-board toilets without aircon or sometimes lack of toilet have also displeased some travelers, but most are satisfied with the planned breaks at the rest stops on the way.

Overall travelers agree that Greenbus is a good alternative for bus transport in Thailand and that they are fairly priced for the services they offer.

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Greenbus Call Center: (+66) 0-5326-6480
Greenbus Contact Email: [email protected]
Greenbus Twitter: greenbusthailan
Greenbus Facebook: greenbusthailand

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