How to go from Rome to Venice

No Italian odyssey could possibly be complete without exploring both Rome and Venice. In the famed capital, you’ll wander under the soaring arches of the Colosseum and glimpse the babbling Trevi Fountain. Further north, the Grand Canal beckons as it snakes by the stunning dome of Saint Mark’s Basilica in a haze of gondolas and … Read more

How to go from Venice to Florence

Once you’re done with all those romantic gondola rides up the Grand Canal, selfies by the gold-leafed dome of Saint Mark’s Basilica, and tasty frutti di mare pastas, why not plot a course to Florence? It’s the obvious next step for art lovers and culture buffs traveling through Italy. A smidgen over 120 miles to … Read more

How to go from Milan to Venice

It’s a jaunt through the middle of the Po Valley and across the heart of north-western Italy when you go from the fashion-mad metropolis of Milan to the romantic canals of Venice. In a straight line, the distance you’ll need to cover is just over 150 miles, but the direct motorways and trainlines run a … Read more

Airbnb in Venice

Airbnb in Venice

With its twisting canals and bobbing gondolas, its Renaissance church domes and coffee-clinking piazzas by the Adriatic, Venice reigns as one of the most iconic cityscapes on the planet. It’s amazing, but not just because it’s built on water! A onetime trading empire that spread to China and India found its epicentre here, which explains … Read more