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Fariñas Bus Transit is one of the Philippines’ most respected and major public transport companies, founded by the late Marcelo Vallejos Fariñas of Vigan, Ilocos Sur, alongside his wife. It is one of the oldest public transport companies in the country, having been operating as early as 1938 and even with competitors like Partas Transportation Co., Inc., Fariñas Transit rose to become the flagship transit company of the entire Ilocos Region.

farinas bus transit online booking and travel reviews

Fariñas Transit was the first bus company in the country to introduce air-conditioned buses to the province of Ilocos; and the first to introduce the Hi-Decker King Long XMQ6129 to the Philippines, which is one of the most widely-used models of buses for public use. It is currently operated by the grandsons and granddaughters of the original founder, all members of the Fariñas family of Ilocos Norte, a political family of governors, mayors, and councilmen over several generations.

As of today, Fariñas Transit has more than 60 operational buses under its fleet, all properly maintained and air-conditioned, along with over 150 employees always looking to provide better service to all tourists and locals traveling in the country.

Fariñas Bus Transit Online Booking

As it is the largest and most popular bus transit company in the Ilocos Region, Fariñas Transit specializes in two-way routes in the Northern Luzon area, particularly in Ilocos Norte. They have routes from Manila to Vigan, Manila to La Union, Manila to Laoag, etc., and vice-versa. When traveling from or to Manila, the main Fariñas bus terminal is often the destination. Tickets are usually high in demand, especially during the peak seasons of March, April, November, and December. Therefore, we highly recommend that you book any of your trips in advance to ensure that you get your tickets at cheaper prices and on the exact dates that you prefer for your travels. Use our handy tool to compare the ticket prices of Fariñas Transit with other bus companies and book your tickets with no hassle and in the comfort of your own home:

Fariñas Bus Transit Classes

Fariñas Transit has many kinds of buses in their fleet that range from different bus classes available to be chosen from. The prices differ according to the amenities available in the bus. We recommend picking the most comfortable bus class that you can fit into your budget as the rides last for hours, which means that you will be spending most of your time inside the bus with a few occasional stops along the way. Here are the different bus classes of Fariñas Transit available to choose from:

  • Standard Class with Air Conditioning – This class is the cheapest available class to choose from Fariñas Transit. However, it is still very comfortable and has many facilities or amenities like air conditioning, television, and onboard internet connection or WiFi. It has a modern design and is well-maintained like every Fariñas Transit bus. The seating configuration is the standard 2×2, with two seats on each side per aisle; commonly seen in any public transport bus. This class guarantees comfort for a cheap price!
  • First Class with Comfort Room – This class is a slightly more expensive class than the Standard Class with Air Conditioning. This class comes with the same amenities of air conditioning, television, and WiFi like in the Standard class, but there is an additional water closet or comfort room available inside the bus. This allows those who have traveling issues like nausea, weak stomachs, or small bladders to ride comfortably without having to worry about when the bus will have a stop-over. This is also highly recommended for those who need or want to travel but have the same or similar health issues mentioned earlier. The seating configuration is the same as the Standard class, with 2×2 seating.
  • Deluxe Class – A very noticeable upgrade from the previous two classes, this class ensures maximum comfort especially for those who like or need more room when traveling. This class utilizes the Hi-Decker bus models of Fariñas Transit, which has two levels of passenger seating inside. It has the same amenities as the First Class, including the comfort room. The seating configuration is 2×1, meaning that one side has only one seat and the other has two, but this can be changed into 2×2 if necessary using the jumper seats available on the sides of the seats. It has more leg room, perfect for passengers who are tall or have long legs, and more seats. These features make it great for solo travelers or large groups!
  • Super Deluxe Class – The cream of the crop of Fariñas Transit, this class allows passengers to travel in comfort, style, and luxury, all in one bus. It uses the cutting-edge Hi-Decker bus models of Fariñas Transit, which are many of the most modern available bus models in the Philippines. It still has two levels of passenger seating with a 2×2 seat configuration on both levels. It has the same amenities as the Deluxe class, but with one very distinguishable upgrade: the televisions are installed per individual seat. This allows for individual entertainment preferences to be chosen by the passengers themselves if they do not want to view whatever is on the common television in the front or middle of the bus itself. Of course, this means that this is the most expensive class out of the rest of the Fariñas Transit buses, but it is worth it if you are the type to travel in luxury and with entertainment!

Fariñas Bus Transit Reviews

Fariñas Transit’s buses are all modern and regularly maintained, which is why it is considered one of the best, if not the best bus transport companies that offer travel from Manila to Northern Luzon. They guarantee a smooth and comfortable journey from start to finish for all of their passengers. Their operators are well-known to be very polite and kind, with some going out of their way just to give the best experience for everyone on-board. The rides feel safe and comfortable to travel in, to the point that one can easily fall asleep mere minutes after departure. All of the seats and facilities like the comfort room are very clean which should cater to those who are very conscious of germs or getting sick. All bus models of Fariñas Transit have air conditioning which is kept on at all times, this gives comfort to all passengers both foreign and local as it combats the searing heat of the tropical Philippines, especially in the areas of Northern Luzon. However, passengers who are not accustomed to the cold may find the temperature settings of the buses to be too cold for them, so it is highly recommended to bring a blanket or a thick jacket to ensure the most comfortable experience possible.

The operators and staff are all skilled and well-trained, which is comforting for those who are not used to journeying in buses to destinations that are far. However, certain inevitable circumstances and conditions may give inconveniences to passengers. Bad weather or heavy traffic, especially in the areas of Manila, may cause minimal delays to certain trips, but this is only for a few minutes and should not be too much of an inconvenience.

All in all, the experience in Fariñas Transit buses is very comfortable and luxurious even when riding in the cheaper classes. There have been many instances of buses arriving as early as 30 minutes before the set departure time to allow early passengers to get into their seats and avoid bumping with other passengers when trying to sort luggage or get into seats. Fariñas Transit is easily one of the most reliable bus companies that offer travel from Manila to Northern Luzon and back.

Fariñas Bus Transit Popular Routes

As mentioned earlier, Fariñas Transit specializes in scheduled trips from Manila to Northern Luzon, particularly in the regions of Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, and from these areas back to Manila.

Fariñas Transit Online Booking
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Fariñas Bus Transit FAQ

You may go to a Fariñas Transit terminal nearby at an earlier date than the trip that you are planning, or to make things way easier; use our tool to find the perfect schedule for the best price, and book it, all without taking a step outside.

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Fariñas Transit manually confirms tickets even when booked online. Please allow the operators a maximum of 24 hours to respond and confirm the ticket booking.

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Vigan has no bus terminal available at the moment. Please wait at the Petron station until the bus comes by to pick up passengers. Rest assured that the bus operator will not pass you by as long as you are in the correct place before departure time. Please keep in mind that departure times in Vigan are only approximate.

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All tickets booked will not be made available if a ticket is cancelled. No refunds will be given for those who did not make it to the trip, and the seat will not be resold to other customers.

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The approximate travel time is 9-10 hours; however this can be shorter or longer depending on the traffic and road conditions. Please be advised that peak travel seasons on the months of March, April, November, and December may have longer travel times than those in off-peak seasons.

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The main Manila terminal is located in M. Dela Fuente St., Sampaloc, Manila, near the University of Santo Tomas.

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Farinas Bus Transit Timetable

Fariñas Bus Transit Contact Information

Laoag Contact Number: (077)-772-0127
Manila Contact Number: (02)-731-4507
Facebook: Farinas Trans

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