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Coda Lines – Online Booking, Travel Schedules and Reviews

Coda Lines Corporation is among the trusted bus providers in the Philippines. It has been in the transport industry since 1996. The Coda Bus Lines not only offer a variety of routes from the National Capital Region (NCR) to Cordillera and other parts of Northern Luzon, but its vehicles are in roadworthy and quality condition. The company is nationally recognized for maintaining quality fleet vehicles guaranteed to bring passengers comfort and safety.  It has received a seal of excellence in road safety , awarded by the Manila North Tollways Corporation in 2018. Coda Lines gives you a key to realize your #travelgoals and offers you the opportunity to experience various scenic destinations in Northern Philippines. True to its promise, Coda Bus Lines is your home on the road!

Coda Lines Online Booking, Travel Schedules and Reviews

Coda lines brings you state-of-the-art buses that are not only tinged with modern and smart designs but also operated by reliable and responsible personnel.  Coda bus lines have air conditioning, Wifi on board, television, and toilets on board. They also offer blankets for a more restful journey. Super Deluxe and VIP buses boast reclining seats with footrest, along with a spacious and decent leg room (this is important considering passengers will be counting hours before reaching their destination).

Given that Coda Lines offer direct trips, buses do not pick up passengers on the way, regardless of whether there are still available seats. Thus, people can only board the bus at the departure station at the terminal. It follows a strict schedule with definite and timed stop-overs. This lessens travel time and ensures that passengers reach their destination at the fastest time possible. Night time trips are also among the considerations provided by Coda Bus Lines so you can simply travel at night, rest on the way, and start the day already in your destination!

Coda Lines Online Booking

Going personally to the terminal to get a ticket can be a bit of an inconvenience, considering you will have to allot a few hours to get things done. Why opt for this when you can simply reserve a ticket with a click, without having to leave your house or office? Simply use our app below to compare prices with other bus companies and book your ticket online!

Coda Lines Bus Classes

Fares will depend on the accommodation you choose. Particularly for Coda Lines, you can choose from four class accommodations:

  • Express/Deluxe – buses are air-conditioned. There is no toilet on board and passengers will have to wait for scheduled stop-overs. This is the least expensive accommodation if you are traveling on a budget.
  • Super Deluxe – buses are airconditioned, with Wifi and a toilet on board.
  • VIP  – buses are air-conditioned, with better Wifi, and toilets on board. Seats have a reclining function with footrests. Blankets are also supplied. VIP buses only have a seating capacity of 35, compared to express/deluxe which can seat 45 passengers – this means more space for passengers for a more comfortable journey.

Coda Lines Bus Reviews

Coda Bus Lines is the most comfortable and efficient travel option to the North available since it allows you to skip transferring to different modes of transportation. Coda Lines offers direct trips to Sagada, among the most popular tourist destination in the country. Staff and drivers are courteous and on schedule, and the company offers low cost and modern buses. Safety is of utmost importance when you are on the road, and with more than 20 years of experience, Coda Lines is definitely at the top of the transport industry. The sight of two alternating drivers definitely puts passengers’ minds at ease, especially during a 12-hour journey. This transport service is made even more convenient with its online booking process.

Passengers have mostly raised the issue of poor Wi-Fi connectivity, but this is inevitable considering there are really areas en route to Northern Luzon which do not have a stable connection. These things are usually out of the control of the staff onboard. Other than that, Coda Lines caters to what’s of primary importance – safety and convenience on the road.

Coda Lines Popular Routes

As mentioned, Coda bus lines offer scheduled trips to Cordillera and other parts of Northern Luzon, so if you are ready for a soul searching adventure ala “That Thing Called Tadhana,” then let Coda lines take you from Manila to Sagada! From Quezon City, Coda Bus Lines have direct trips to Sagada, Bontoc, Banaue, and Baguio City. Coda lines gets you to these amazing destinations without having to transfer buses! Most bus companies will only take you from Manila to Baguio City, wherein you have to fight tooth and nail to catch another trip to farther areas in the Cordillera. Well, Coda lines can erase that inconvenience for you by offering direct trips from Manila to Sagada, among other destinations! This is definitely the more efficient, economical, and convenient option there is! Additionally, from Baguio, Coda lines can likewise take you to Banaue, Kiangan, Madela, and vice versa.

Coda Lines Online Booking
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Coda Lines Bus FAQ

Manila to Sagada will roughly take 12 hours, but this will depend on factors such as traffic, road and weather conditions. Passengers have clocked in travel time as fast as 10 hours and as long as 15 hours of travel time. Fares will depend on the accommodation class.

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There will be no refunds if you cancel. This is why it is very important that you are sure with your travel dates when you do decide to book.

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Coda Lines Terminal is located at Monte de Piedad, corner Maryland, Cubao, Quezon City.

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  • On the day of your travel, please come to the terminal at least 30 minutes before departure.
  • Do not forget to take into consideration the traffic when you allow time for your travels. Most buses leave on time, so do not be late!
  • Print your voucher and do not just rely on screenshots. Some staff can be a bit strict and would require a printed copy.
  • You can choose to bring biscuits (such as sky flakes) and water for when you get hungry and thirsty.
  • Most of the buses provide blankets but air conditioning can be too cold for some, so bring your own jacket or blanket to make sure you will not be shivering throughout the trip.
  • Children under 3 years old can ride free-of-charge if they sit on an adult’s lap. Children beyond the age of three will need to have their separate ticket.
  • Always, always be mindful of your belongings.

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Coda Lines Bus Timetable

Coda Lines Contact Information

Cubao, Quezon City  Branch  Contact Number: (+63)927-559-2197 (Globe) or (+63) 929-521-3229 (Smart)
Facebook: @codalinescorporation

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