Airbnb in Dublin

Airbnb in Dublin

Jigging to Irish ditties and swaying with foot-stomping folk pubs, alive with roaring rugby stadiums and the hearty taverns of Temple Bar, adorned with Georgian-era houses and medieval castles that date back to the times of the Normans, Dublin is one downright enthralling city. It’s a major weekend break destination for Brits and Europeans, thanks … Read more

Airbnb in Lisbon

Straddling seven hills above the Tagus estuary, Portugal’s fun-loving capital remains one of the top city break destinations on the continent. It’s easy to see why. There’s fantastic seafood straight from the Atlantic. There are enchanting medieval sights like the Moorish São Jorge Castle. There are neighbourhoods of winding lanes and sardine-sizzling cantinas. Topping it … Read more

How to go from Paris to Berlin

Loads of travelers each year plan to make the hop straight from Paris to Berlin. The reason? It’s a jaunt that will let you take in two of Europe’s – nay, the world’s! – most awesome capitals. You’ll start by wandering the Louvre in search of the Mona Lisa and finish with glimpses of the … Read more

How to go from Rotterdam to Amsterdam

There’s a sort of Yin-Yang relationship between Rotterdam and Amsterdam. One’s industrial, cool, and proud of its urban design. One’s a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, with cosy cafes and artworks by the Old Masters. We’ll let you discover which is which, as you complete the easy 56-kilometre trip from city to city. It’s one … Read more

How to go from Warsaw to Krakow

The trip from the buzzing capital of Poland to the culture-brimming city of Krakow is one that countless travelers and commuters make every year. It promises to whisk you from a city of skyscrapers and rattling trams to an ancient Old Town that’s a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, flaunting Gothic spires and the mighty … Read more

How to go from Amsterdam to Prague

With Dam Square and the Vondelpark checked off the list, you’re probably looking for the next awesome European capital to explore. There’s a chance it awaits over 710km away, across on the eastern fringes of Central Europe. That’s where Prague sits straddling the Vltava River, spiked with the mighty turrets of Prague Castle (one of … Read more

How to go from Munich to Salzburg

Once you’ve had your fill of white sausages and Oompah bands and Oktoberfest beers, it’s time to plan your next pitstop in Central Europe. From the Bavarian capital, there’s only one real direction to go in: South. That’s where the great walls of the Alps loom, concealing glimmering lakes and mystical castles. They also hide … Read more

How to go from Milan to Venice

It’s a jaunt through the middle of the Po Valley and across the heart of north-western Italy when you go from the fashion-mad metropolis of Milan to the romantic canals of Venice. In a straight line, the distance you’ll need to cover is just over 244 kilometres, but the direct motorways and trainlines run a … Read more

How to go from Eindhoven to Amsterdam

You’ll cross the heartlands of the western Netherlands on the way from Eindhoven to Amsterdam. The journey points more than 105 kilometers northwards, from the home of the great football club of PSV and the electronics giant of Philips to the UNESCO-tagged capital of the country. It’s one that many travelers will make, especially with … Read more

How to go from Brussels to Paris

Paris and Brussels are next-door neighbours. They’re separated by just the poppy-spotted Flanders Fields and the winding rivers of the wooded Ardennes forest, across 260 kilometres of Northern Europe. All sorts of travelers make the hop from one to the other, with business commuters mingling with budget backpackers on the trains, planes, and automobiles that … Read more

How to go from Berlin to Munich

Ditch the urban wear, get a-yodelling and pull on those lederhosen, because this guide is all about helping you get from the boho neighborhoods of Berlin to the hearty Bavarian beer halls of Munich. It’ll soon have you dreaming of the snow-capped German Alps and munching on weisswurst, simply by running through all the ways … Read more

How to go from Florence to Rome

Prepare for an overload of art and culture as you move from the famous Tuscan capital to the great Eternal City. This isn’t just a trip through the heartland of Italy; it’s a journey from the epicentre of the Renaissance to one of the ancient metropolises of Europe. You’ll trade visions of the carved and … Read more

How to go from Berlin to Prague

You’ll get to explore two of the most immersive capital cities in Europe by making the 280-kilometre trip from Berlin to Prague. One fizzes with life and grand monuments, ranging from the Neo-Classical Brandenburg Gate to the hipster art installations of Kreuzberg. The other sloshes with frothy Bohemian beer and comes topped by the mighty … Read more

How to go from Yangon to Bagan

While Yangon is no longer the capital of Myanmar, it remains the largest city in the country, and is a popular starting point for many visitors. Also known as Rangoon, travelers flock to the city to take in its colonial architecture, which sits side by side with stunning, ancient Buddhist temples and pagodas, some of … Read more