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So, you are decided to take that trip and are now discovering your options. For many people, flying can be uncomfortable or expensive, but don’t fret!  If you do not have problems travelling by sea, then 2GO Travel is a good choice for your trip. 2GO travel is fun, easy, and fast – from booking to boarding!

2GO Travel Ferry

2GO Travel is one of the largest, premier land/sea-travel provider in the Philippines. With more than 148 years of experience in the travel industry, 2GO redefines travel to make your trip easy. The company works with over 1,200 outlets nationwide and operates various ports in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The company owns one of the most modern and expansive fleets of inter-island vessels in the Philippines, able to accommodate up to 1,800 passengers in its 10 operating 2GO ferries.

2GO Travel is among the most trusted sea-travel provider, and for good reason. Apart from safety, the company prioritizes passenger convenience, offering a wide selection of room accommodations and tour packages.

2GO Travel Online Booking

The tickets to 2GO Ferries are usually in high demand so it’s suggested that you book your ticket early in advance in order to both make sure you get a good price and that you can travel on your preferred day. Use our tool to compare prices of ferry companies and other transportations modes:

2GO Travel Accomodations

2GO Travel Accomodation

2GO Travel allows you to choose whether you want to avail of the following, depending on your budget. Take not that you will be traveling for hours so read up on which accommodation will allow you the most restful and relaxing arrangement:

  • Super Value – This room offers double decks with common restrooms and showers. You will be situated in an open section of the vessel with only a roof above your head and a tarpaulin covering the sides of a 2GO ferry. There is no aircon in this type of accommodation so it might be best to choose the other types, especially during summer.
  • Mega Value – The mega value room has double bunk beds and is airconditioned. There is a common television and can accommodate quite a number of people.
  • Tourist – The tourist class offers an airconditioned room with common restrooms and showers. You will be provided with safety deposit boxes with padlocks. Just ask the front desk for assistance.
  • Cabin – This option is suited for families, or if you are traveling in a group and would prefer more privacy. The cabin class offers you a room with a 4-bed capacity, complete with your own restroom and door key.
  • State Room – The state room is much like the cabin, except it can accommodate 6 people. This is also suitable for families, friends, and tourists traveling in groups.
  • Suite Room – The suite room affords you the most privacy. This is a spacious, airconditioned room that is similar to a hotel type accommodation, except you are at sea!

You can also go with the Jet Seater accommodation if you can handle hours sitting down. Of course, you can walk around the 2GO ferry if your travel period is only for a few hours. Again, prices vary so visit www.2gotravel.com for updated information on the prices per accommodation.

2GO Travel Reviews

2GO Travel Reviews

Most travelers end up with a positive experience traveling with 2GO’s ferries and praise their higher accommodation options and facilities. 2GO takes safety seriously, which means that the check-in from arrival to the pier to boarding the ferry is taking longer than other operators, which can be bothersome especially if traveling with children.

The biggest advantages over flying are the lower price and the higher comfortability, though the disadvantages are longer travel time and risk of bad weather making the trip less pleasant.

Compared to other ferry operators in Philippines travelers say that the 2GO Ferries are cleaner and the staff is more friendly and helpful. Many travelers enjoy the facilities and think that it’s a better social experience to travel by ferry than on a plane.

Most of the negative experiences reported to Travelfoot comes from travelers that had weather affect their trip – forcing cancellation or travel on rough seas – or they traveled during the summer in one of the accommodations that doesn’t have air conditioning.

2GO Travel FAQ

You can catch a trip from Manila to Cebu 4 times every week. 2GO SuperFerry travels to Cebu on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Travel time can be estimated to be around 22 hours and prices range from PhP15,000 to PhP2,500, depending on your preferred accommodation.

If you are interested in going to Bohol, you can opt to sail on a 2GO Ferry going to Cebu, and catch another ferry to Tagbilaran.

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2GO Travel has three trips going to Cagayan de Oro: every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Travel duration will be around 48 hours and 2Go tickets will be priced at around PhP2,000 to PhP3,000.

For other destinations in Mindanao such as Zamboanga, a 2GO ferry sails from Manila once a week every Sunday. Expect a travel period of at least 42 hours while tickets can cost from PhP 1,200 to PhP6,600.

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2GO cruise takes the Manila to Bacolod route four times a week: every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Prepare at least Php1,800 and as much as PhP5,500 for your 2GO tickets. Travel time is estimated to be 27 hours.

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There are two 2GO trips travel from Manila to Puerto Princesa every week, which is every Tuesday and Friday. The voyage can be 30 hours long and tickets will cost you around PhP1,400 to PhP2,500.

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As previously mentioned, 2GO Travel also departs from Batangas. From the Batangas port, destinations include Caticlan, Romblon, Odiongan, and Roxas City.

For those planning to vacation in Boracay, the Batangas to Caticlan route is a popular and economical option. Travel usually takes 10 hours and a jetty sails this route every day except Monday. Be ready to shell out PhP1,100 to PhP1,400 per person. Allowing 2GO to take you to places really is the more affordable option!

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2GO travel schedules are subject to change without prior notice, so make sure to watch out for advisories. There is at least one 2GO ferry that will depart from Manila or Batangas per week, to your destination of choice. Check out their website: https://travel.2go.com.ph/Schedules/schedules.asp for more information on 2GO schedules. Inclement weather can lead to cancellations, so take not of their customer service hotline (02-528-7000) for updates and other concerns.

2GO travel tickets do not necessarily have a fixed rate. Just like airplane fares, they are subject to change. For example, 2GO tickets are much more expensive during peak season.

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Onboard a 2GO ferry, there is a dining area that is open to all passengers. They also have a diner or a cafeteria that is open 24/7, so you can visit anytime you feel hungry or thirsty. You can buy and eat your meals in this section. If you have other needs aside from food, there is also a convenience store inside the vessel where other necessities such as bath products, souvenirs, and medicines are available.

For your convenience, 2GO travel also has a charging station for all types of gadgets! You will have to insert a PhP5.00 coin for 10 minutes of charging time. The machine used here is similar to the ones you find at 7-11 or Ministop convenience stores.

Other services such as salon and spa, and an entertainment area are also accessible and available, depending on the 2GO ferry you are traveling with.

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2GO has a very strict policy on bringing animals and pets on board. Please consult with 2GO travel personnel first before deciding to bring in animals. Staff will only allow animals if they are properly caged and have a quarantine certificate, plus you will be asked to pay a fee. You may call the 2GO hotline at (02)-528-7000 or visit the quarantine desk at Pier 4 Manila from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4PM, for related concerns.

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2GO passengers must be at the terminal 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. Coming in early is always better than missing your schedule! Be mindful of your 2GO travel schedule to make sure you can allot enough hours for preparation and travel. Traffic and crowded terminals can delay you, so arrive early so you can relax while waiting for boarding announcement.

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You must have with you one copy of your eTicket Itinerary Receipt and at least one valid ID. If you are bringing your small child, please prepare a medical certificate and birth certificate.

Here is quick list of government-issued IDs that are accepted by 2GO: SSS/GSIS ID, PRC ID, Driver’s License, Passport, Senior Citizen’s ID, Federation of Senior Citizens ID, Postal ID, NBI Certificate (check the date because NBI certificates only have a validity of 6 months to 1 year), TIN ID, and Voter’s ID.

Company IDs and student IDs are also accepted.

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If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant, you will no longer be allowed to board a 2Go ferry. Only women who are below 28 weeks pregnant are allowed aboard after a waiver and a medical certificate is presented endorsing that they are fit to travel.

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2GO shipping allows you 50 kilos of free personal baggage allowance. A fine will be applied for extra baggage. If you have more than 50 kilos of personal baggage and other cargo items that you plan to transport (such as television sets, computer sets, sports equipment, etc), please check out this guide: http://2gopromofares.com/2go-travel-passenger-guide-on-excess-baggage-and-tariff-rates/.

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There are terminal fees at Pier 4 Manila. After your arrival, you will have to pay PhP95.00 for your terminal fee. For senior citizens, terminal fee is priced at Php50.00 while students have to pay PhP75.00. 2GO staff will usually attach your terminal fee to your ticket, but if they don’t, be careful not to lose it.

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2GO Travel Online Booking
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2GO Contact Number: (+63) 252-87-000
2GO Contact Email: [email protected]
2GO Twitter: 2go_travel
2GO Facebook: 2GOTravel

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